Birth of a New Arms Culture

Aligning Against King Oil

Posted by Disassembled Podcast on May 31, 2016

On this week’s Disassembled Podcast: The Rise of A New Arms Culture, Travis and Jon dive into the changing world of military armaments and how global security alliances are built around modern weapons platforms. Like the dramatic changes observed during the transition from Bronze age weapons to the Iron Age or the preindustrial world into the World Wars era, we are seeing similar rapid advancement and change in today’s world. Powered by oil, modern metallurgy and robotics, automation and guided weapons have changed the way in which warfare is fought. Additionally, recent advances in oil extraction techniques have allowed the United States and Russia to become self sufficient in oil production, reducing the dependency on foreign oil that dictated much of geopolitics since the 1973 oil crisis. How will these factors unravel the regional balance of power in the Middle East and other conflict areas today?

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